Listen to what I think, not what I say!

 Warning!!! Some pictures may offend You !!!

    If You can't handle it, LEAVE NOW !!!  



If a woman is uncomfortable watching U wank do U think?:

A: U need more time together

B: She's a fucking prude

C: She should have sat elsewhere on the bus



The elephant to the camel; -Why do U have your tits on your back?

The camel; -It's a fucking stupid question from an animal with the dick in the face!



-Guy lying in hospital bed..

-How's about a kiss nurse?

-No, says the nurse!

-Go on, just one kiss!


-Please just one.

-No, says nurse, I shouldn't even be giving You a wank...



A reasent studdi haz chown thet peapel woo aar amezing in bed aar vary badd adspalling.

Hav a najz daj.




There are 5 different sorts of dicks:

1: Small

2: Medium

3: Large

4: Ouch, god dammit

5: Can I have this one in white?                           





A chap runs into a pub and shouts:

-Give me a pint, I'm so thirsty I could lick the sweat off a cows bollocks!

A queer in the corner shouts:

-Moo moo




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 Sex Positions (some of them) 






Tattoos and piercing... hmmmm


Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye maybe?



Much more "about 6" will be coming here soon, so chill out!!!  


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