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 KEYWORDS: Sustainable/Mysterious 
 RULER: Pluto 
 ELEMENT: Water 
 DURATION: 23/10-22/11 

The typical Scorpio is independent, determined and strong willed. A fearless and persistent personality, which is stimulated by challenges. Fighting is something natural for this dynamic nature, and some Scorpios will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.
Powerful Pluto is the ruling planet, resulting in a constant quest for change. Scorpio is very intense in everything she undertakes, exhibit leadership and ability to concentrate, always wants to go to the bottom of things - to explore and investigate. Scorpio finds it easy to connect with the inner, spiritual depths and is rarely a good man is more common. A strong desire to transform both their own and others' consciousness part of the picture, why Scorpio is going through many phases of change in their lives.
There are plenty of emotion in this passionate water sign. The Scorpio man is very sensitive and vulnerable. He can be vindictive or jealous about hurt feelings, do not forget either a service from a friend or injury in the first place, but usually produces again sooner or later, preferably double up. The back of this strong-willed character's need for control. Scorpio is always self-controlled and records with his sharp powers of observation everything that happens in the environment. There is also a tendency to manipulate others for their own purposes. Scorpio should pay attention to itself, so that not a suspicious or predictive orientation developed. For each of the Scorpion, it is important to learn to relax and let go of control a little.
This secretive nature does not tell much about himself or his plans. Scorpio's intense emotions and strong internal experiences may be difficult to explain in words to others, why he prefers to keep his heart to himself. This, together with the strong self-control is the reason that many Scorpios are perceived as inaccessible. Like the other water signs, Scorpio is a highly developed intuition and a rich inner life. This dynamic personality is generally interested in the unexplored in life and likes to penetrate into obscurity. Reflections on existential issues are usually the picture.
All kinds of problem solving is fascinating, why Scorpio gladly seek out professions that allows it to penetrate into the depth of their subject area. Suitable career could be in any activity aimed at broadening the awareness of others, or any investigative or surveillance work, requiring stamina and presence of mind. Although creative, creative pursuits are close at hand. Physically associated the character with the genital and excretory organs. Scorpio is generally strong, passionate emotions that seethe under the surface, and a strong will to live. 

 Good features 
Scorpio is charming, intelligent and purposeful. You know what you want and always go to the bottom of things. You love to explore and investigate - whatever they may be - and you do it with passion and intensity. Scorpio is also tender and whimsical and you are often seen as an interesting and exciting person. You are a true friend and has a good heart to those who are weak and really need help.

 The way you think 

You are curious and always have your radar running in your environment. You want to know what is happening and what's going on. You need to feel that you have control of the situation you're in. You think creatively and constantly moving forward. 

 Love and Friendship 

You are very passionate when it comes to love. You fall head over heels and take to you fully and intensely. You need tenderness, imagination and feel the desire for the one you love. While your partner must be an intellectual and a person you can look up to. You do not want to commit yourself too early, but want to get as much life experience as possible before it's time.

 Here you will find good friends and love 

You fit very well with Cancer and Pisces, but there are also good conditions with Taurus and Aquarius. Poor conditions have you with Libra and Capricorn.


Scorpio's element is water.

 Famous Scorpios 

Bill Gates, John Cleese, Goldie Hawn, Jodie Foster, Leonardo DiCaprio

 Less favorable characteristics 
Scorpio's strong will and determination can sometimes cause other people get wounded. Your biggest weakness is jealousy. You would often like to change and redo - both for yourself and for others. This means that you can sometimes be seen as a bit manipulative and scheming. Scorpio are easily angered and when would you like to avenge your poison sting - often quite a bit stubborn and childish way. You are very hot as a person but there is an inherent mistrust that may cause you to judge people in advance.

 Occupations you fit in 

Your interest in increasing new knowledge and the fact that you do not give up before the problem, make sure you fit in several areas - for example in science, psychology, criminology, and architecture. Your high ambition and creativity is what also makes you a good self. Your endurance and reliability, you also benefit in several occupations.

 Colors, numbers, etc. 

Colors: Scorpio astrological colors are red and gray.
Lucky numbers: The astrological lucky numbers are 4.
Plants/Flowers: Carnation
Stone: opal

 The planet you are controlled by 

The plane that Scorpio is governed by (influenced most strongly by) is Pluto.



Scorpio in Chinese


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