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I can't in any way take the credit for building this homepage from zero. No, I've just made necessary changes and also changed names where it has been needed. The homepage itself has been downloaded from the internet as a free sample. If you like the style on my homepage, then you too can download this sample, in original, from me. The file is packed in ZIP and there's an explanation in english how and what to do with settings etc. You may use the free sample in any way you like, with some small exceptions, which also are explained when you unzip the file/s. Good Luck!!


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     Address: http://www.bildzonen.se/


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 1. Q: Where do I find different themes to my homepage?

A: If You like the theme on my homepage, then You can download it for free from me. Otherwise You have to search on the internet. Search for "free templates" , then You should find pretty many themes.




 2. Q: Where do I find pictures to my homepage?

A: You have to search the internet. Search for " animated pictures" and You'll find tons of pics. Everything You see on my homepage I've found on the internet (well, except from my private pictures of course. But these pictures YOU can find on the internet, RIGHT HERE). 




 3. Q: How long does it take to build an homepage?

A: If You're going to build a homepage from "scratch" then it will take some time, if You want a good result. My homepage took me about 2 months, from the start and until it was seen on the internet. I was working on the homepage nearly every single day. But it may go both quicker or slower, depending how much time and energy You give it. 




 4. Q: What do I need to make a homepage?

A: First You need a program to create Your homepage. One alternative, which I find easy to work with, are Microsoft's FrontPage, which You find in the "Office-packet". Of course there are other alternatives, choose the one the one You find suitable. In FrontPage You'll find some themes You can use. Try out which fits Your needs and style, and most important, BE PATIENCE.




 5. Q: When the time comes and I think I'm ready with my homepage, and I want to introduce it on the internet, what do I do?

A: You need a program to upload Your homepage on the server you have chosen. You can use many programs to do this. I myself, use WS FTP95. Check out with Your web-hotel what they're recommend You to use.



At last, I'm pretty sure You'll never finish Your homepage. New ideas will pop up, You want to change something, or You just want to create much more pages. Make sure You update Your homepage frequently and also write on Your first page what kind of changes You've done, Your visitors like to know that. Much pleasure with the creation of Your homepage.



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